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ALSAD Modern Beverage Factory Co. Ltd. was established in 2015. ALSAD is considered to be a bottled drinking water manufacturer which has the fastest two production lines in the region. The high consumption and need of bottled water are the main reason behind the existence of our activity. Our Plant is located in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provides its products and services wherever the customer exists through ALSAD distribution channels.


About veen

VEEN is bottled drinking water that is produced deliberately with much elegant care to embrace the health of our customers.

VEEN is known of its pure, fresh, and natural taste since it undergoes a precise process of check and test, and brought from natural source.

VEEN is absolutely aware that the customers have a set of different needs and to respond to this human instinct with that our customers have a set of different needs and to respond to this instinct we produce it in a practical and different sizes to suit different usages.



To be the largest water bottling company in MENA region and the number 1 choice



Delivering an unbeatable combination of quality, price, and service through hard work and innovation in water bottling industry.



All values that lead to success in producing the best quality bottled water that will be our map road that we will follow all along the way toward our strategic objectives.

Loyalty to our brand , our team, and our customers is the magic word that allows us to deal with any obstacles that encounter us.

Transparency is the only language that has been used with our customers that leads to continuous mutual trust and profitable relationship.

Partnership in ALSAD Beverage we believe in two kinds of partners. First one is our professional team that creates the value for our dear customers, and the second is our customers that we always seek to expand their customers base by satisfying what they need.

Punctuality arises from our belief in the cruciality of time either in production or delivery. Time consuming is not an option for us.

Proactivity is our credo in directing and controlling the situation we face in developing products, services, and solutions that our customers need. We are always willing to take initiatives rather than waiting for an opportunity.

Responsibility we realize that we provide pure water that everyone needs to be alive, so assuming responsibility is always there. We are also aware of the fact that responsibility for the business is upon all things.

Alsad we takes quality as a matter of necessity and an attitude of behavior.

ALSAD Factory

ALSAD has come a long way in terms of quality of its production facility. Today the plant is one of the most technologically advanced bottling plant in region producing water that has a natural ph balance of 7.4. Addition to that ALSAD prides itself on having a modern manufacturer that own two production lines that are considered to be the quickest and most cutting-edge lines with a production rate of up to 200,000 bottles per hour. Moreover, the two lines use the state of the art technology that adheres to worldwide industry standards and eco-friendly production.

Our factory has been designed in a way that assures fascinating combination of high quality, affordable prices and exceptional service. We are able to deliver all of these through vertical integration and produce our products with the fastest, most automated and technologically advanced water bottling lines.



We, in ALSAD Beverage, realize the importance of providing bespoke product in a form of bottled drinking water that is precisely very customizable according to the needs and expectations of our dear customers. Consequently, ALSAD Modern Beverage Factory is the premium choice for Co-packing. Our team will provide a complete Co-packing solution, and they are ready to customize each step that relates to each individual customer’s product in terms of the bottle design, label, ,color, and size.

ALSAD Beverage assures that the customers’ bottled drinking water will be prepared by professional hands, checked with the most highly equipped laboratory that use rigorous control system to ensure the freshness and purity of the water, and produced with the latest technologies. Our customers will enjoy their final products without zero effort.

We appreciate giving us the opportunity to do it all for you.



ALSAD Beverage bears the total and great responsibility of producing an indispensable product that affects the consumers daily life, so ALSAD takes quality as a matter of necessity and an attitude of behavior. ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, SFDA certificates are pillars for our product, production and operation.

As for the bottle, the bottle passes through a rigorous process of purification, sterilization, monitoring, and filling.

On the other side, extremely high water quality standards are set in order to guarantee that the purity of our water remains unchanged during the production process. The water is subjected to external quality controls by Saudi authorities while the entirely staffed in-store lab performs continual on-the-spot visual checks of the bottle line. In addition, all bottles are marked with the date and batch code, so customers can see by themselves that they are buying the freshest product possible.

Our staff keeps an eye on each station of water production to guarantee the safety of the water. It starts with the source selection and monitoring, source water receiving and monitoring, water storage and monitoring, and continues to bottling control, packaging control, Clean-in-Place (C.I.P) sanitation process, the finishes with plant Quality Control and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HCCP) Program, and Corporate Quality Assurance Program.

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